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Thanks for stopping by. Before you continue, I apologize for any typographical errors that might be found from time to time on this site.  I have been building this site since 1999 and sometimes, one finger dose not know what the other is doing at times, hence an error appears and no, after all this, I  still don't have the quickest two fingers, this side of the Mississippi and they just haven't learned to think for themselves as yet , so you can see, this is more like a full time on going job than my hobby, but I enjoy it.

Most of us involved with History, just want to get it out where someone might be able to learn from it. This is why I have a site. Reenactments are fun, but it is the history that pushes them along.

In remembering that the men that we as reenactors talk about, from both sides, died for  freedom.  In their memory then, I feel information about them should be past from person to person  to anyone wanting to learn about them for free.  My Historical information, is for personal use only. My information is free to anyone wanting to learn from it. Please, keep it that way. 

The Site Information

In researching history, at times we will find several different dates or accounts of what might have been. My information is only as reliable as the source that it came from. I am not responsible for the accuracy of any information on any of these pages. This stie is my pesonal site. It is not affiliated with any reenacting units, etc. other than myself.
The Site.
You will see credited names here and there on the site.  They are the ones that make the whole thing
posible for sites like this to work. Although  I encourage you to check them out and feel they are all worthy, any dealings or purchases that you have or  make,  will be soley through them.

My Site is on a Homestead. I don't know if a Homestead Site will work for you. Only you can decide that, so far, it works for me. Without a site like this, I would not have been able to build Private Anthony's Place.

So, with that, I send a Thank You to Homestead and all of  it's affiliates for allowing me to build here.
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My family for putting up with me and the amount of time I put into my hobby. Gob Bless you guys,  I Love you.

The First Minnesota Regiment Volunteer Infantry Inc. , out of Fort Snelling Minnesota, in which I belonged to, for spending all the much needed time in making me a Civil War Soldier. You never met such a great bunch of guys, & gails too.

Thanks to all the many more that help me along my way,  And Thank you for coming  on in to visit.
Credits & Sources Where My  Information Came From.
Micro Films & Newspapers

Cannon Falls Beacon , Various Issues 1898 - 1995
Daily Republican, Red Wing Minnesota , Various Issues
The Daily Republican, Winona, Various Issues 1861 - 1865
The Goodhue County Republican, Various Issues 1861 - 1865
Goodhue Co. Republican, Various Issues 1861 - 1865
Weekly Republican, Various Issues 1861-1865
The Pioneer and Democrat, Various Issues 1861-1865

Red Wing Minnesota, Saga of a River Town 2nd Edition 1978
The Adjutant General's Report 1866  Rosters, various naritives
Roster Of Men From Goodhue County Who Enlisted in The Civil War
Minnesota in the Civil war and Indian Wars Vol. I 1890
Minnesota in the Civil and Indian Wars 1861- 1865
Minnesota in the Civil War by Kenneth Carley
History of Dakota and Goodhue Counties 1910
The History of Goodhue County Minnesota 1933 & 1935
The History of Goodhue County 1935
The History of Goodhue County 1878
Past and Present of Goodhue County 1869
An Introduction To Civil War Small Arms
Roots & Wings
Minnesota in the Civil War an Illustrated History by Kenneth Carley
Zumbrota The Last 100 Years 1856-1956
Membership & National Badges of the Grand Army of the Republic 1866-1949
Red Wing City Directory & Goodhue County 1893
Red Wing & Goodhue County Directory 1907
Personal War Sketches of the G.rand Army of the Republic of 1890 A.E. Welch Post 75
The Reenactment  Pages.
This is a part of my hobby. The posting of  events  or units is only to be as a aid in promoting Living History. It is only  to aid units in finding  reenactments and for reenactments to find Reenactors, etc. It is also only a aid for the General Public to find Reenactments that they could go and watch.
Links  or email addresses are on the reenactment page. Use them to check on all information.
I am not responsible for any of this information, wrong dates, etc.  Only reenactments open to the general public will be posted.  No meetings etc.  I will have all the rights to what is posted and what is not posted.
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This page was Published December 11th, 1999
Other Good Books

Soldier's Heart - Charley Goddard in the First Minnesota
The Last Full Measure - The Life & Death of the First Minnesota Regiment
Pale Horse at Plum Run - The First Minnesota at Gettysburg
No More Gallant a Deed - Taken from the Papers of James A. Wright
The Dakota War of 1862

Biography of Colonel William Colvill 1904
Reminiscence of Col. Colvill. By Judge Bert Feeler 1936
The Story of Co.F 1st Regt. By James A. Wright one of  it's orderly Sergeants. Papers consist of 875 pages.
Diary of Wilbur H. Scofield  Pages 115 & 116 Nov. 1st, 1861

National Archives Records group 94, 109 and 156
Roster of Men who enlisted in Goodhue County in the Civil War
Various issews of Goodhue County Historical News
Summery of  Commitments 1859-1900 by Deputy Sheriff William Avery
Jounal of the Thirteenth National Encampment  G.A.R. 1896
Journals of A.E. Welch Post 111
Journals of A.E. Welch Womens Relief Corps 29
30th Encampment Offical Program of the G.A.R.
67th National Encampment Jounal
Journals of George McKinnley Post 92 1884-1892 1993-1904 1905-1912
Various documents & programs

Thank You Patricia Rehbein for allowing me to research Mr. Scofields Diary..

May 3rd, 1861 From J.A. Write to the Editor of the Goodhue Co. Republican
Oct 3rd,  1861 From J.C. Scofield, a soldier in New Ulm to Ira in Cannon Falls
May 1st, 1903 From  Jane (Mrs. Jonathon DeWitt) Wheat to Cannon Falls Beacon
Various other letters
All rights and privileges for the information, photographs and music on the web pages of Private Anthony's Place are reserved by Private Anthony's Place, the credited parties & the webmaster. Permission was obtained with credited parties for the information, photographs and music that is found on the web pages of this site. All content found on the pages of Private Anthony's Place is intended for educational purposes and not for profit.  For more information see the sources listed below.
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All of the songs playing at Private Anthony's Place were writen before and during the Civil War with the exception of Ashokan Farewell.

Music throughout site
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Movies that have historical value, My Picks!

Ken Burn's Civil War - Documentary long enough to watch all week.
Tells the story of the Civil War and is very well done.

Gettysburg - Gives a very nice look at the battle of Gettysburg. Althouh the 1st Minnesota is not mentioned in the movie, it gives an idea of what these men went through. In this movie, about the time the 20th Maine is making their charge is about the same time frame of the battle that the 1st Minnesota made theirs in about the center of the line.  Great Battle scenes.

God's and Generals - A movie that gives a look at both sides in the was much like Gettysburg.  This brings you from the begining of the war up to Gettysburg.  There is a lot on General Jackson in this one. Really shows a reflection of who these people were and how they thought.

Glorry - This movie is of the 54th Massachusetts. This follows the 54th colored regiment. The movie follows the men from enlistment through their charge at Fort Wagner.

Ride with the Devil - This movie gives a southern view in Missouri and where poeple fought people and reflects on Jayhawkers and Bushwackers.

Andersonville - This movie is of the prison life of  union soldiers.