The Goodhue County Rangers
Organized on August 24th, 1862 and served untill September 22, 1862. After the Indian attack of New Ulm, Companies of Civilian soldiers were organized as a home guard. The Company was to serve as a defense of the Southern Frontier. Some of these Companies did see action and did have casualties.
The Roster
D. L. Davis
Charles Park
Wm. P. Scofield
C. W. Crosby
James McGuinness
William Stone
A, M. Knox
Ulysses Tanner
Hariow Van Vleit
A. J. Bryant
Eugene Stone
1st Lieutenant
2nd Lieutenant
1st Sergent
2nd Sergent
3rd Sergent
4th Sergent
1st Corporal
2nd Corporal
3rd Corporal
4th Corporal

Anderson, Swan
Anges, James R.
Card, Sherman
Eichiberger, Peter
Emme, Jullias
Fotherby, Robert
Hoffstater, John   ( Hoffelaider - Hoffstatder )
Kennison, H. P.
Lemay, Napoleon
Maneval, John
Mc Guire, Frank
Mc Ginnis, William
O'Toole, Peter
Pettijohn, Daniel
Reese, James
Riddle, Willian
Stewart, Geo. B
Smith, Sidney
Stanton, Stiles
Stranahan, C. H
Sanborn, H. M
Torbenson, John
Van Vleit, C. E
Weed, Warren H

Williamson, William       
Also 1st Minn. Heavy Art. Co. H   Feb. 1865 - Sept. 1865
Cannon Falls
Cannon Falls
Cannon Falls

Cannon Falls

Cannon Falls
Cannon Falls

Cherry Grove