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Off to Washington
Saturday, June 22
The day started early. 5:00 am. There was a last religious service for the regiment. It was held by Edward D. Neil. before they boarded two steamboats. The boats boarded were the War Eagle and the Northern Belle.

Company F was on the Northern Belle.

As the steamboats went down river, it was said, they stopped, at all the river towns, that had a company of men, aboard one of the boats, such as St. Paul, Hastings, Red Wing, Wabasha and Winona.

When the steamboats stopped the companies were aloud off the boats for one last  visit.

The Northern Bell went to La Cross Wisconsin and the War Eagle went to Prairie Du Chien.
Sunday, June 23
From these towns, it was first class coaches for the First. They reached Chicago  Illinois at 6:00 pm. and marched  from the Northwest Depot to the Fort Wayn Depot to board another train.
One note about trains & depots. Train lines seemed to end as they came into town, if that was the end of the line.  They did not connect, so, you walked to the other side of town to get on another lines train.
Tuesday, June 25
After arriving in Harisburg Pennsylvania at about 10:00 pm. The night was spent in a instruction camp. By 3:00 am they were  boarding another train. A letter shown to the Editor of the Goodhue Republican states that they have been in Harisburg for one hour. That they were, but eighty hours from Fort  Snelling  and that they were expected to leave the next day.
Wednesday, June 26
By 3:00 am. the 1st were loaded onto cattle cars and on their way to Baltimore Maryland. It was said, the men were not happy about these cars for the smell.
When the 1st reached Baltimore, they were told to load their  muskets and fix bayonets. They marched  to Washington Depot  with charged bayonets and were ready for any trouble that they might run into.The order was given because it was said the 6th Massachusetts a month or so before, had some trouble on the same march and had soldiers wounded and even killed.
They reached the Washington Depot without a incident and boarded another trian. Cattle cars again.  It was said that the stench was so bad in these cars, a few of the boys knock holes in the side walls.
Sometime around 10:00 pm. the 1st Minn. arrived in Washington. They were given sandwiches and refreshments and even met by a Minnesota Congressman that was there in Washington.
The 1st Minn. was given meals along the way & even cannons were shot off to them as a as they passed through towns on their way. Most everyone that saw the 1st, was impresed with it. That is with the exception of a few sherkers that were in Baltimore.

It was said that from these towns, the companies took trains and met up in Jamsville Wisconsin.
War Eagle
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