The Pine Island Rifles
It was said that the Pine Island Rifles made of 1/5th of the rank  of the Goodhue Volunteers, Co. F of the 1st Minn. Regt. Vol. Inf.

When the call for arms changed from 90 days to 3 years, some men went back home as they could not leave for the 3 years at that time & later joined other companies. This explains why men are seen on rosters & in news paper articles that were made before the change and why they are not seen on rosters after the change between the mustered county company & mustered Regtiment level. As a result, the numbers were less than 1/5th of the rank in the mustered regiment.
1st   Lt.
2nd  Lt.
1st   Sgt.
2nd  Sgt.
3rd  Sgt.
4th  Sgt.
2nd Corp.
3rd Corp.
4th Corp.
N.D. Marel
William Haskins
M. Tarbox
O. Morehouse
J. Dickey
H. Ahneman
S. Kirkhan
S. Corning
John Eschabold
P.A. Shoemaker
T. Parker
W.S. Hubbs
W.S. Heaton
O.E. Smith
James Pratt
Issac Cate
William P. Hall
E.W. Maynard
O.M. Frink
H. Washburn
E.V. Dickey
E.C. Parker
N. Andrews
F. Mc Mannus
C.L. Hubbs

John Ahneman
John Hanks
S.W. Miller
H.M. Prime
Allen Hills
I.B. Perkins
C. Reinardt
G. Marble
Peter Mornany
M.H. Palmer
H.C. Wheeler
C.C.  Conatt
H.F. Emery
L. Van Norme
J.H. Gilleland
M.P. Parker
M. Glazier
W.B. Dickey
William Mead
Leisler Hamlin
S.C. Jewell

Pvt. William S. Haskins 4th Minn. Co. D

Capt. Orlenzo Morehouse  5th Minn. Vol. Inf. Co. H
Pvt. Jasper W. Dickey  8th Minn. Vol. Inf. Co. H

Pvt. Smith P. Corning 2nd Minn. Vol. Inf. Co. B

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Lt. William B. Dickey 8th Minn. Vol. Inf. Co. H - 122 Colored Inf.

5th Minn. Vol. Inf. Co. D or   6th Minn. Vol. Inf. Co. D

Pvt. Edwin W. Maynard 5th Minn. Vol. Inf. Co. H Disharged for Disability

Pvt. Edger V. Dickey 2nd Minn. Vol. Inf. Co. G & I

Could be from Zumbrota - Pvt. Charles L. Hubbs  1st Minn. Vol. Inf. Co. F  Wounded at Bull Run & Gettysburg, Penn.

Cpl. Salem W. Miller 4th Minn. Vol. Inf. Co. D