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When we see someone desecrate ones heritage, in respect for others and for ourselves as well, it is our duty as citizens to turn our heads to the desecration being done in respect to the proud heritages of all others. For us to respect our own individual heritages, we must first show respect for the heritages of all others.
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Being a reenactor, a follower of history and one that respects all of our individual heritages, this one has never been desecrated more, and that is coming from a Union reenactor.  This flag represents all the many Americans that were willing to die for what they believed and is a large part of the heritages of many Americans of our southern states. It now represents southern pride and is known as the Southern Cross, yet it is desecrated by groups I deem not worthy to mention and  not just to this flag, but they dishonor those who had ancestors in that war.

To continue, we must be informed properly. This flag was carried by men of pride and honor. More men than not, that  fought in the south, never owned a slave, and their patriotic duty was to their state and fought for their state's rights. Hate can not be permitted to desecrate this flag that was carried by so many proud Americans and over ride ones proud heritage.

As proud as I am of my Father's Father, someone else is of theirs.
To most of us here in the north, the most well known Confederate flag is the the Confederate battle flag, not to be confused with the Confederate national flags of  which there were a few. 

The Army of Northern Virginia was said to have been the first to design a flag with the cross of St. Andrew.  This flag was first proposed by General P.G.T. Beauregard in adopting a version for use as a standard battle flag.  The National flag was called the stars & bars and the early version was mistaken at great distances for a Union flag.  General Lee's Army of Northern Virginia was said to have fought under this flag.
The flag features the cross of St. Andrew. This is due to the vast  ancestry of the Irish & Scotch in the south. The cross is said to have been of the type St. Andrew had been martyred and crucified on.   St. Andrew was the patron saint of Scotland. There are 13 stars on the flag. The stars on the flag represent the 11 Confederate States and represented the two states that had southern sympathizers but however, did not leave the Union, Kentucky and Missouri.  So you see the flag has a Christian background & hate is not represented by this flag in any way shape or form.
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