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Mt. La Grange, known as Barn Bluff in Red Wing, Goodhue County, Minnesota
When we think of natural wonders of the world, this one surely ranked among the best and it was right here in Red Wing.
Tourists came from all over the country to see this Naturally Made Wonder that was known as the Indian Chief and Indian Head that watched over the town below.  The Indian Head stood the test of time through the ages as it watched over the Dakota Village below and greeted the settlers that entered the area.

One might argue progress, but my thoughts: Sadly the old Indian Head was removed through what may have been  poor planning with no respect given to the natural wonder, or for future generations.  Lost forever for the replacement of a highway  bridge that was previously placed away from the bluff as to leave the bluff in the above photographs.

It is not the progress, but the way we go about it.

Even with this now more than four decades in our past, we must reflect at times to be sure we learn from our lessons, that we must always think of our future generations in preserving these types of  beautiful, irreplaceable, natural wonders that one might say, God has placed here for us and for future generations to enjoy through time.

Now only seen by old post cards, the Indian Head has faded to our past, never to be seen by man again...
This collection, Courtesy of a Private Collector
Barn Bluff  was sacred to the Dakota that once had their village at the foot of the bluff.
The musicPlaying is of Post War mucic at the end of the Civil War.
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Preservation Must Be #1 before all else.
Please remember how important preservation is for the next generations. When planning to build,
or visiting a historic site, someone will follow in your footsteps, to see what you have seen.

A Proud Citizen
When we see someone desecrate a historic site or anyone's property for that matter, it is our duty as citizens to report the matter to the police. Respect is not given, it is earned. Be a leader in the community of all things that are just and right and not a follower of everything you know in your heart is wrong and disrespectful. Give respect and you will earn respect. Be proud of your community through your actions and others will be proud of you becauce of your actions. Do the right thing.
Be A Proud Citizen
Today's Barn Bluff
Now listed on the National Register of Historic Places...
Mt. La Grange,   Torn & Weathered, but still here.
The View From The Top
No one can argue the view from the top of this old bluff. As you walk from one end to the
other, the views in every direction are spectacular and one can see for miles up and down
the river, as well as down on the town below. In the early days the view would have had less
trees in the valley and on the bluffs along the Mississippi River. Even with the nuclear
power plant being in the center of the view up river, one can still see why settlers
wanted to come to the area and how really beautiful the area is. To gain entry to the bluff,
one must make their way to the far end, opposite where the old Indian head was located. 
Plumb St. to East 5th St. brings you through a residential district, under route 61 and to
the entrance. I might make mention that there are several trails including easy to hard to
get to the top.  I have seen people responsibly repelling from time to time on my own
journeys to the top. The easy trail dose include stairs at one point.

Be watchful not to be too trusting near the edges. That means, don't go so close that you
fall off.  It's 340 Ft. to the top.
If you wish, you can drive up to Memorial Park, a bluff  that gives a similar veiw that
includes a view of Barn Bluff and has a great picnic area.
The Old G.A. Carlson Lime Kiln 1882
Barn Bluff has one other historic site.

Once you make your way around to the entrance of the bluff, Plumb St. to East 5th St. and have ventured to the top, there is one more historic site to see. As you walk  past the entrance about 30 yards or so, and to the left,  between the bluff and the railroad tracks, is where you will find the old lime kiln.

Be watchful of the trains that come down the tracks from around the corner. This is a working railraod.

This Kiln is not Civil War related, but kilns of sorts did exsist.
Once you locate the marker that explains about the kiln,  follow the trail.  It's about 500 ft. or so. On your way down the trail, you may find that the area is not very well preserved in the respect of the many piles of debris that always seem to be there.

These are not the fault of the kiln, but of those who have no respect  for others or themselves. 

Once through that, you will find the kiln and it is very well worth the short walk to get there as it is a great site representing the area's history.

The kiln is where limestone was heated to make lime.
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Listed below are some sites in Goodhue County and the surrounding areas that are great places to visit and ones of our past that are no longer with us.   
Why a Rebel?  There are times I feel alone in the appreciation of our
Living in today's world  with the destructions and degradations of our
There is still a section of the old Military road that is up river a bit from Red Wing.  An old abandoned bridge of a later time than the Civil War is over the Cannon River and marks an easy point of entry for the old road.  There are three old bridges in all to see if you take a walk. For those that need to see and walk on a road that goes back beyond the Civil War. The road ran along the river and was said to have stretched from Mendota to Wabasha.  It is among the oldest in the state. From the late 1850's, stages serviced the towns along the Military Road and it was the main road running through the area.  Many of our roads that we have now arrived as trails that settlers used to go from town to town to sell grain and buy supplies. So where is it at,  you might be thinking? Well, if I gave you directions to everything, you would have nothing to hunt for. To research. I gave you a hint, here's another. Look in the Cannon bottoms area. It is exactly where it was in 1854 if that helps. Still need some help? Take route 61 north over the 2nd bridge that is over the Cannon River. Right on Co. 46 Blvd. at the fork, stay right on Collischan Rd.  Go about 1/4 mile and it is on the right. You can not drive on the bridge. You must park and walk.  There is about 3.000' of old road there.  Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
The Old Military Road Burnside- Red Wing
Goodhue County,Minnesota
The Old Oxford Mill Ruins, Lillian-Stanton, Cannon Falls, Goodhue, County Minnesota
The ruins of the old Oxford Mill is in a very out of the way country setting and is worth a trip out on Colvill Memorial Hwy - route 19, west over highway 52 and perhaps a half mile to Oxford Mill Road.  You can see this one right from the car as it is right on the roadside.

What a Grand Old Piece of Historic History

This mill reflects the type of stone mills built before, during and after the Civil War Era.
The Oxford mill was built several years after the Civil War.

Please remember that in searching for old ruins, we must be respectful that some are on private property and seek permission when ever we can and to be most respectful of the property.

  Listed on the National Record of Historic Places
The Memorial of Col. Colvill  Cannon Falls Cemetery
Goodhue County, Minnesota
If you drove out passed Cannon Falls on route 19 to find the ruins of the Oxford Mill, you must have surely stopped along the way at the Cannon Falls Cemetery to see the Memorial of Col. Colvill.

Well, if you didn't stop, you need to go back through Cannon Falls, east on Colvill Memorial Hwy - route 19 as you are going out of town is the Cannon Falls Cemetery on your right.
The photograph is one of several  enterances.

I hope you're not thinking who was Col. Colvill?  Well, to be honest, that was my first thought some 16 years ago.

While your in Cannon Falls to see the Colvill Memorial,  just back track several blocks or so. As you enter Cannon Falls and approach the downtown area on Colvill Memorial Hwy - Route 19, take a right on 3rd St. and several blocks down is the bridge.

This old wonder is still alive and in use today. It's one lane so the bridge is shared in turn to pass over and that's right! It's a wood planked roadbed across to the other side.

This Bridge is the oldest of its type in Goodhue County and the last one that is open for traffic to cross.

Built in 1910 by the A.Y. Bayne Co.

This one is not Civil War related, but there isn't many bridges like this one around any more and it as well has its own historic value.
The Old One Lane Bridge 1910
Cannon Falls, Goodhue County, Minnesota
The Zumbrota Covered Bridge 1869
Goodhue County, Minnesota
This One Is Another Must See

Built a bit after the Civil War in 1869. Covered bridges are of that period of time and go much further back in time. This is one bridge that really needs to be seen to appreciate.

If one were giving out gold stars for preserving our historic landmarks through  acts of preservation as so future generations would see these types of sites, Zumbrota would get one for sure.  The bridge could have been destroyed, but rather it has been moved four times since it was first built.

This bridge is now known as being the last one in the state.
The bridge is open to pedestrians to cross the river
If we traveled north on Route 61 into Dakota County and went to Hastings, we would find these sites.
As you drive up 61, take a right just before the bridge that crosses the Vermilion  River. The mill goes back to the Civil War era. Preserved through progress. Count the additions to this one and see how many there are. The photo is taken from the park where you will also find theVermilion Falls. A great site to see on a summer day.
The Falls are worth the trip.

From theVermilion Falls, walk down the park trails and you will find this old ruins of a mill. A great site to see.

Sadly, this one has been desecrated by those who have no pride or respect, even to themslves.  A perfect example of what makes one feel like a Rebel living in today's world.

Lets go back to Goodhue County
Once the County Court House, now the City Hall.
The interior is even more beautiful than the exterior.
The Rotunda brings you back in time.
Preserved it is a must see.
I had to make mention of it.

   These sites are about
       25 miles north of
             Red Wing

One other place is the
LeDuc Historical Estate
also on Route 61 in Hastings
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There is one more thing to see in Cannon Falls while you are here. The Falls. Settlers came and saw the falls of the Little Cannon, that is where the name comes from. For a time in our history many dams were built. It was as if we couldn't  have enough.  Since, some dams have been removed. The dam that was here has been taken out and the falls restored back to the river. Perhaps not exactly, but I think the old settlers that settled the area would enjoy that they are back.

While visiting these sites, in all the townships, there are many businesses in old buildings that are preserved to make you feel like you are walking through a doorway back in time. Some are preserved very well. Old Houses as well and you can see that they are painted with pride and there are ruins as well. There is something reaching back to the Civil War Era in every corner of  Goodhue County.

Here are just a few more listed on the National Historic Register here in Goodhue County.

Town                                     Location                                              Property             Significant Period
I already know your last question. Why have all the photographs been taken in the Winter?  Ok, if you're not from Minnesota, that's easy, You see it gets so hot in the summer here in Minnesota that Minnesotans stay inside, but once winter comes upon us and the temps drop to 10 below with wind chills of 30 to 40 below, Minnesotans start poking their heads outside and then go off to see the sites and enjoy the great outdoors... (There are so many leaves on the trees in the summer, you can not see some of the sites as to take a photograph of them.)
Natural Wonders, Heritages and History.

      Trail Marker to Barn Buff
You will notice the amount of pride that was built into the marker.

You may find Graffiti on the marker that was made by someone that has no pride or respect for themslves or others. Just try to ignore that, I can't. The trip to the top is still worth every step of the way.
If you were to continue  left on Co. 46 Blvd at the fork rather than to the right to go to the Military Road,  you would travel up on the bluff and perhaps a mile or two would find this old ruins of what was once a school house that was said to have been used for township meetings at one time as well. Note the double doors that represents boys and girls that were used on many old school houses. Schools of this type, easily date back into the nineteenth century.

What a Grand Old Piece of Historic History
Burnside-Welch Area, Goodhue County, Minnesota
This is the time I might add that in searching for old ruins, we must be respectful that some are on private property and seek permission when ever we can and to be most respectful of the property.

Old ruins like this will soon fade into our history and will soon, only be seen in photographs of our past.

Cannon Falls
Cannon Falls
Cannon Falls
Pine Island
Red Wing
Red Wing
Red Wing
Red Wing
Red Wing
Red Wing
Commercial Historic District - Fourth St. Mill St. Main St.
Church of the Redeemer, Episcopal - 123 3rd St.
Captain Charles Gellett House -  311 N. 6th St.
Old Frontenac Historic District - Frontenac
Nanson AgriculturalDsitrict - MN 56 & Hwys 14 & 49
Old Stone Church, Hauge Lutheran - Off Hwy MN 60
Holden Lutheran Church - Co. Hwy 60
George Baslington Farmhouse -  Of us 52
Dr.  Charles Hewitt Laboratory - 216 Dakota St.
Red Wing Iron Works - 401 Levee St.
Keystone Building - 409 Main St.
Red Wing Residential Historic District
Red Wing Mall Historic District
St. James Hotel - Bush & Main St.
Vasa Historic District - Off   MN Rt. 19
Vasa Museum included in District
Wanamingo TownshipHall - Co. Hwy 1
First Congregational Church - 455 East Ave.
Private & Loc. Gov.
Private &
Loc. Gov.
Loc. Gov.
Listed on the National Record of Historic Places.
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