Private Anthony
Come on in.
Meet Private Anthony and maybe hear a story or two.
I spend a lot of my time back in the 1860's, digging up, bits and pieces, here and there, of historical information  about, The Goodhue Vols., Co. F and the 1st Minnesota Regiment Volunteer  Infantry. Along my way I have gathered all kinds of  other interesting information.

I became a re-enactor and you might say, that put the frosting on the cake for me.  This is what teaches you the life of a Civil War soldier.

I volunteer myself,  as a aid to a bit of Living History, at Schools, Museums,  History Centers, Libraries, etc. as Private Anthony, A Civil War soldier that may have been from Goodhue County Minnesota. I mean, think about it, What would make a History Class more interesting than a real Civil War Soldier?  I beleive that if history is taught in a fun exiting way, it will be found to be interesting and that will then make history easy to learn. Our history is as important as our future.
To move foreward, we must firstt know where we have been. Private Anthony
What I am About
My Uniforms
The first is the uniform that the 1st Minn. wore through the Battle of Bull Run. ( Red Shirt, Black Trousers and a Black Hat.)

The second is the uniform that the 1st Minn. wore from just after the Battle of Bull Run to the end of thier service. The Blue Federal Uniform. ( Dark Blue Blouse, Sky Blue Trousers and a Dark Blue Forage Cap.

I use  US Regulation  Jefferson   Bootees for both uniforms.
My Equipment
My Musket
The musket I carry is a very fine reproduction of a US Springfield, Model 1842, .69 Cal. Musket, Smooth Bore.

Although it is capable of firing Live Fire, I only use Blanks. Blanks are used at drills and reenactments. Care is always used , as Blanks are made with real Black Powder.

I don't carry any Black Powder Blank Cartridges or Percussion Caps with
me to schools etc. I do carry a fake Cartrigde for show & a case with a Antique Minie Ball and Buck and Ball that was found on a Battle Field . This is the type of Projectile that my Musket
would have shot in the Civil War.
My Uniforms and equipment were all made by the most Historically Correct Suttlers in the world of re-enactment.
Canteen  ( Holds Water )
Haversack      ( Holds Rations , Fork, Knife, Spoon, Tin Plate  and other small things a Soldier might carry, maybe a Testament , etc., A tin cup might hang on the outside.)
Rations   ( Hardtack, etc. )
Wool Blanket
Gum Blanket   ( Rubber Blanket)
( Poncho )
Shelter Half     ( 1/2 of a two man tent )
Waist Belt and Plate
Cap Pouch    ( on waist belt )
( holds Percussion Caps )
Angular Bayonet
Bayonet Scabbard ( Holds Bayonet on waist belt )
Shoulder Belt and Plate
Cartridge Box and Plate ( on shoulder belt ) ( holds Cartridges )
I Live in Red Wing. That is in Goodhue County Minnesota. I Volunteer my Living History as a aid to learning here and in the surrounding  Counties, Sometimes I even go a bit farther. If you would like to visit with Private  Anthony and maybe hear a story or two, send me a E-Mail.
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