The Red Wing Cavalry
also known as
Vanderberg's Red Wing Cavalrys
Organized on August 2tth, 1862 and served about a month.  After the Indian attack of New Ulm, Companies of Civilian soldiers were organized as a home guard. The Company was to serve as a defense of the Southern Frontier. Some of these Companies did see action and did have casualties.

It was said that there were 41 men on the muster roll but that many of the men failed to serve for duty, due to the lack of horses and other reasons.

The following are the men on the roster that served.
The Roster
P. Vanderberg      Captain
Allyn, Joshua
Allyn, J.S.
Bevans, Benj. C.
Carlson, Frank A.
Day, T. C.
Enz, J. F.
Jones, Smon
Kelloge, M. S.
Kelton, C. W.
Metcalf, Joshua
Morris, A. P.
Perkins, H. J.
Richardson, L. L.
Sexton, Wm. L.
Smith, C. J. F.
Stoddard, James C.
Schultz, Michael
Tripp, Wm.
Tucker, A. C.
Twiggs, David

Pvt. Benjamin Bevans 1st Heavy Art. Co. I