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Court House
Hamline University
Central School
Hamline University

Hamline was the 1st     University in Minnesota.
At the time of the Civil War.

There were 60 students in college. and 167 in the preparatory department.

1/5th joined the 1st company of  The Goodhue Volunteers.

There was no  graduation class in 1862,  most students had went to war.

At the time of the Civil War,
Tuition for a quarter was
$10. 00 and board was $2. 50 per week.

Red Wing Court House

This is where the meeting for the Call to Arms on Friday April 19th, 1861 took place.

The Mississippi River

The Mississippi rRiver runs along Red Wing making it a river town.

The trip to St. Paul was made on the Steamer, Ocaen Wave. The Goodhue Volunteers boarded at the levee.
Mississippi River
The Red Wing Central School

This was the school for Red Wing at the time of the Civil War.

Barn Bluff

Barn Bluff is in the background. It runs along the river on the southeast side of Red Wing but, is on the west side of the river as is Red Wing.
Mt. La Grange - Barn Bluff
Red Wing
Private Anthony's
Just a Little History
Through The Civil War Era.
This photograph is believed taken in 1866. The photograph  gives us a good idea of what Red Wing may have looked like  in the era of the Civil War. Many young men from Hamline University joined the Goodhue Volunteers. The Goodhue Volunteers were formed at the Courthouse on April 19th, 1861
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"The Stars and Strips are to be seen Floating in Every Section of the City        A fine large flag has been suspended across Main st. by Mr. Chas.                        Thomas and others raised on the Court House, Engine House,                               University, Metropolitan Hotel, Republican Office, Wilkinson's block,             Richter's do and on the business houses of Mesrrg. Towne & Pierce, II.L           Bevans, Jesse McIntire, Andrew Cook and numerous private residences.         O.F. Smith, Esq, has a fine one on his. The demand is so great that                     numbers are unable to supply themselves. "Goodhue Co. Republican April 26, 1861

"Let It Be Done - We hear it said that the City    Council contenplate the presentation of a          stand of colors to the Goodhue Volunteers.  It    is eminently proper that it should be  done"
                                     Goodhue Co. Republican April 26, 1861

The Goodhue Volunteers were given the Flag.
May 3d, 1861 In a letter from James A. Wright at Fort Snellingto the editor of the Goodhue Co. Republican.

"Yesterday we had the first regimental drill. The uniforms had not arrived and we paraded in our shirt sleeves. The red shirts of the "Red Wing" contrasted well with the blue and grey of the other companies."                                                                Goodhue Co. Republican May 10,1861

" Three Hundred Dollars. - The Board of Commissioners of the county have appropriated three hundred dollars towards the maintenance of the "Goodhue Volunteers" while awaiting the movement of the  Minnesota Regiment from the State.             Goodhue Co. Republican April 26, 1861
" On Tuesday Afternoon the "Goodhue Volunteers" were drawn up in a line on Main street and addressed by several of our citizens. The words of encouragment and advice were received with hearty cheers by the gallant volunteers. It was altogether a very pleasant affair.                                                                                                                                                                                                             Goodhue Co. Republican April 26, 1861

Meet the boys from Red Wing that enlisted to put down the Great Rebellion. All the men from Red Wing that fought in the Civi War & enlisted in Goodhue County.

July 9th, 1861, a circular was sent to the churches of Minnesota from Chaplain Edward D. Neil of the 1st Minn. Regt. It said in part,

" To the Churches of Christ in Minnesota of every name, Greeting."
" Grace be with you, mercy and peace from our Father and from our Lord Jesus Christ tho Son of the Father, in truth and love.  It was written by request of physicians and others. It went on to ask for hospital and personal supplies that were low and asked that contributions to be forwarded to the Eastern Exchange for the hospital fund. and that they would then receive them, there. He asked that the circular be sent out where all members of the 1st Minn. were known. It was signed by the Chaplain, Edward D. Neil.

On Saturday, the 2nd of August, the ladies of Cannon Falls entertained the task of collecting $40.00. Even with times as hard as they were. It was forworded to Rev. Neil. The money was sent with items that the ladies of Red Wing had collected and bought. Among the item collected were 17 dressing gowns, 6 pairs of slippers, 75 towels, 41 pairs of socks,  54 sheets, 75 pillow cases, 36 shirts, 18 pair drawers and 2 paper pins that totaled over $140.00.
These were then sent with items from other counties as well.

Chaplain Neil's call for this, was answered so promptly and abundantly, he felt it necesary to write another letter. It was sent to Gov. Ramsey. It said in part,
" Don't kill us with kindness. Tell liberl men and noble women to send us no more money nor clothing. God Bless Them. E. D. Neil

St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church is biult by the congregation..

The crimes committed in 1862 were said to have been among the following crimes.
One Vagrancy, One Adultery, Eleven Drunkenness, Five Assult and Batteries, Three Armed Assaults, One Aiding a Prisoner to Escape, One Forgery, One Embezzlement, One Fraud, Two Destruction of Properties, One Illegitimancy, Three Grand Larceny, Five Petit Larceny, Three Threatening to Kill, One Murder and One Horse Theft.  These crimes were belived to be Red Wing and County related.

By August 22nd 1862. The call for the Union Rangers, a company to be formed in the eleventh regiment was spread throughout the county and once again was answerd.

During the Dakota Conflict, after the Indian attack on New Ulm in August, Companies of Civilian Soldiers were formed to protect the towns across the lands of Minnesota.  On August 24,1862 a company of this type was organized in Goodhue County. The Goodhue County Rangers There were 36 men in this company. It was to act as a Home Guard for the area and served until September 22, 1862. It served as the southern defense of the frontier. Some of these companies saw action in the Indain War of 1862 and did have casualties. One other company in Red Wing was The Red Wing Cavalry .

Red Wing was represented in both the eastern & western theaters of the Civil War. In the eastern theater with The Goodhue Volunteers, Co. F of the 1st Regiment. The 1st Regiment was the only Minnesota regiment to fight in the eastern theater as in the Army of the Potomac. In the western theater where most of Minnesota's men were, there were men in the indian uprising with such regiments as the Third Minnesota as well as others.

The first ferry from Red Wing to the Wisconsin side of the river was said to have been charted and erected.  This was a barge like boat or flat top, a raft of sorts. The ferry was connected to a cable that ran to both sides of the river. To explain this in short, horses would pull the cable from one side of the river or the other to move the ferry across the river. A horse would walk in a tramway. This tramway would then wind in the cable and pull the ferry, to get back a horse on the other side would pull and so on. The fee at the time was set at one dollar, round trip. Another source states there may have been an earlier ferry.

The first County Fair was held in Red Wing.

The Steamer Alpha was built in Red Wing. It was said to have been a sidewheeler with a 19 foot bresdth and was 100 feet long.

On June 23rd, 1935, The last living Civil War Veteran in Red Wing died at age 91.
He was F.A. Carlson. Carlson served with the 3rd Minnesota Regiment Volunteer Infantry, Co. D and was a member of the Grand Army of the Republic, the Abraham Edward Welch Post, # 75 of Red Wing.
The first County elections were held and Red Wing was voted to be the county seat and has remained so through its history.

The first court case was heard by Judge Welch.

The first known framed home was built in Red Wing.

The First brickyard was opened by George Wilkinson.

The first school district was organized in Red Wing, District No.1

The first school was said to have been built.

The  Red Wing Sentinel was the first newspaper to be published.

The Masonic Lodge #8 was organized.

Open Land in the Red Wing that was selling for $15.00 an acre was being sold out as pioneers were moving west.

There were three stage routes that ran out of Red Wing. Another went up the old Military road and still another came through Cannon Falls between St. Paul and Dubuque.  Cannon Falls was a stop and rest point along the way. A place for the stage to get fresh horses and a place to stay over night for the stage.

Riverboats, paddlewheels or steamers as they were called went up and down the river almost daily. There were no trains in Red Wing through the Civil War Era.

Pascal Smith established the first bank.

J.C. Wetherby is the first elected Mayor to Red Wing and William Colvill is the city attorney.

There were 837 steamboat arrivals for the year in Red Wing.
Minnesota becomes the 32nd State in May of 1858.

The first Fire Brigade in the form of a department is organized.
Jesse McIntire is the Chief.

The population of Red Wing has now reached 1,250.

There were 924 steamboat arrivals for the year at Red Wing.

There were 229 children attending school in Red Wing.

What could you get for your money in Red Wing  in those days?

One  Dozen Eggs- 7 Cents, Butter- 25 cents per lb., Lard- 18 cents per lb., Cheese- 11 cents per lb. One Dozen Candles- 15 cents, Edds Shirt- 75 cents, Towels- 10 cents, Drawers- 75 cents, Slippers- 50 cents, Dressing Gowns- $1.47, Pillow Cases 12 1/2 cents, Shoes $2.50, Socks- 20 cents and Postage was 10 cents a letter.
What Took Place
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The Civil War Years

April 14th, 1861 Govoner Ramsey is in Washington on the attack of Fort Sumter. He quickly tenders the first regiment tendered to the United States and sends word to raise this first regiment. The State of Minnesosta is issued a Proclamation By The Governor.

April 19,1861 Word of a regiment being raised has reached Red Wing. A Call to Arms was sent out to all counties asking them to raise a company of one hundred men for the cause. Goodhue County has decided to raise a company and is having The Great War Meeting in Red Wing at The Court House in which Judge Welch presided over the meeting.
William Colvill is voted Captain.
Just some of the merchants in Red Wing at the time were,

J.M.Richter Dry Goods & Groceries

Brown & Betcher Hardware Stoves, Impliments & Iron. Aslo Kerosene, lamps & oil,  Doors, window glass. Main St.

G.R. Sterling Co. Leather & Findings Bush St.

Parkhurt in Town Dry Goods & Family Groceries Ready Made Clothing, Hats & Caps, Boots & Shoes, Crockery & Glassware

C. Berg Clothing and Taylor

E.P. Lowater Dealer of school & Miscellaneous Blanks Books, Stationary, Musical Intrumen

Howe's Standard Scales Plum St.

Jesse McIntire Domestic & furniture

Warren Bristol Attorney at Law

P. Bottenus Merchant Tailor

A.B. Hawley M.D.  Physician and Surgeon

Bond & Esping Watchmakers Clocks watches and Jewelry

Of just some of the citizens occupations found working in Red wing at the time were
12 Attorneys, 5 Phisicians, 7 Blacksmiths, 5 Wagon Makers, 7 Lumber Dealers, 6 Masons
31 Carpenters, 5 Tinners, 24 Merchants, 12 Shoe Makers, 8 Taylors, 2 Jewlers, 8 Hotel Keepers,  Barbers, Boat builders, Teachers, Bankers, Printers, Painters and many more.
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Following the Goodhue Volunteers
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Goodhue County in the Civil War
Main St.Red Wing, 1860
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The following is a time line that starts a bit past the first settlement and runs through the Civil War years.  Certainly there is more than is mentioned here. The purpose of this is to give a person a view of what life was like in the years preceding and during the Civil War and to learn a bit about the people in the area.
All of this information is from documented accounts.  Sources and credits are found on my Credits, information & Source page.
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Main St.Red Wing
A bit later in time.















The County Journal of 1858  reflects  the accounts payable for clothing of the Goodhue Volunteers made to J.B. Parkhusrt $47.88 & Jesse McIntire $21.80  & others for April 22nd, 1861 .

For the boarding of the  Goodhue Volunteers, D Kelly $54.19, Jacob Bennett $108.20 Goodhue House $10.80 & others. 

On April24th, 1861, the Sentinel was discontinued and all materials were sold to James Parker who then published a new paper called Goodhue "Volunteer"  This was a Patriotic paper that ran till near the end of the war.