Jews in the Civil War
Chaplains, letters, etc. Federal
and Confederate.
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Is the Christain Commission alive today?

North West Branch Of The U. S. Christian Commission
Serving reenactors in todays world
Just one thought.

Being a Christian, a spectator and now re-enactor,  some of my best times are being at the services at a re-enactment.  The Chaplains that I have met, reenact  the way religion was presented in the 1860's . They are the reenactor's  Chaplains, but even today, they are still, soldiers of God and their faith is real.

These Services, are outside, maybe under a shelter and maybe not.  There is a special  quiet, then again, if it was not extra quiet, you would not hear the Chaplain, from standing in the far back.
For me, there seems to be a extra feeling of peace, a feeling as if I am closer to God.  I'm not sure why that is,  but I think the fast paced commercialized world of today has something to do with it.
Next time you go to a reenactment, stop in for the service, let everything of today's world go and see
if you get the same feeling. Maybe I'll see you there.

Till then, I urge you, to attend a church of your choice.

How may we also be Soldiers of God? In today's world, something as simple as just bringing a friend to church or saying a prayer  for one in need lets us join the ranks as God's Soldiers.

Your Humble Servant,
Private Anthony
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Reeactor's Mission for  Jesus Christ
Bringing Jesus to the re-enactor hearts
The Y.M.C.A  and Their Part

                   The U.S. Chrstian Commission

Armed with a musket in one hand & a testament in the other is how many men fought the war. Federal or Confederate, it made no different's.  Much like today, there were those who believed in God and his  word and those who did not. This is where the Chaplain's job began.

As the soldiers of Federal and Confederate armies fought to save their country.  Chaplains fought to save their souls. These soldiers of God were made up of many different denominations of faith, all working together to serve God.

Chaplains were of all denominations, but tended to any man that was in need.
U.S. Christian  Commission Camp at White House Landing, Virginia
If you are in need of prayer, or know someone who is, and need a prayer,  Please e-mail Private Anthony
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Reflect on this for one moment.    How May We Be, Soldiers Of God, In To-Day's World?
The Y.M.C.A & the Civil War

The organization, the Young Men's Christian Association( Y.M.C.A. ) came to America to the Boston area in 1851 after being founded in England.

The organization grew immediately but on
the outbreak of the Civil War, the membership
shrunk by one third of the membership as these
members had went off to war.

Fifteen of the Y.M.C.A.'s in the northern
states that were left, formed the Christian
Commission and it was endorsed by President
Lincoln. The Christian Commission was said to
have been 4,859 strong during the Civil War.

The Christian Commission was a non denominational organization that administered to those of all denominations. Among their many accomplishments, they gave out more than one million bibles to the soldiers and sailors and numerous tracts during the Civil War, among writing and reading letters and serving the men of the war in any way that they could help.
Courtesy of The Library of Congress
Courtesy of The Library of Congress
Another Christian Commission Camp
The photograph above depicts the busy camp life of a Christian Commission camp. One can see pots being tended on the fire, a soldier setting on the ground drinking coffee  and several wounded soldiers, perhaps trying to enjoy the day as their wounds heal. A typical scene of the times. The Christian Commission was the only known organization to administer to both the Union & Confederate soldiers throughout the Civil War..
Courtesy of The Library of Congress
Chaplains of the 9th Corps
Courtesy of The Library of Congress
The Sanitary Commission
The Sanitary Commission

The Sanitary Commission was first organized before the Christian Commission. Both organizations were heavily involved in supplying the soldiers with their needs.  Both were known to have tended to the religious needs of a soldier as well, but  perhaps the Christian Commission  was a little more in depth with spiritual needs.

One may have thought of them being in competition with each other as per all their good will that was shown towards the soldiers.

Religion in the Civil War

Sixty-six Chaplains gave their live's to save another man's soul in the Civil War.
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The Army Of God...
Christian Commission USCC
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National Civil War Chaplain's Museum
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