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Lincoln takes office as President.  He replaces James Buchanan. A line between slave and free states is being  drawn. As states turn Confederate, they seized federal forts, arsenals and other
lands within their state borders.      
The Footsteps To War, The Birth of The Goodhue Vols. in  Red Wing, Minn.
The First Minnesota Regiment Volunteer Infantry
Monday, March 4th
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Friday, April 19th
The Call To Arms in the Goodhue County Republican (Printed out of Red Wing)

The 7:00 pm meeting at the Courthouse in Red Wing of  Goodhue County.
It was said that at the close of the appeal, two young men had raced over the chairs to be the first to enlist when the Secretary opened the enlistment book.  The two men were William Colvill and Edward Welch. Welch slipped and fell as he was reaching for the pen and Colvill seized it saying, you're next Ed. About 50 men joined at the first meeting. These men were assembling, was the start of the making of the Goodhue Volunteers. William Colvill was elected Captain.

The Meeting of Friday, April 19th, 1861 at the Court House in Red Wing
Found in the Goodhue CO. Republican               (Printed out of Red Wing)

It was believed that the Goohue Volunteers Company was the first organized company outside of the organized military of the state to be offered to the Governor for his call for one regiment of ten companies, said the Goodhue  Co. Republican of Red Wing in the Friday, April 26th, 1861 edition. Organized, not tendered.

It was said that 1/3rd of the company were, or had been students of Hamline University in Red Wing.

The Pine Islane Rifles arrived at Red Wing between the 20th and the 22nd of Aprill.

The Roscoe Union Gaurds were said to have arived after the Pine Island Rifles.

It was said, by Tuesday, the Goodhue Voluteers had  the rank of 114 men.  It was full in 5 days with 14 extra as well. They lined up on Main St. and there were words of encouragement spoken by several of the town citizens. It was said to have been a very grand day with flags every where.

The order in which the ten companies tender to the state were excepted, are as follows.
Fort Sumter surrenders under Major Anderson to Brigadier General Beauregard.

Minnesota Governor Ramsey is in Washington on Saturday night when news of the Fort Sumter surrender comes

Early on Sunday morning, Governor Ramsey went to the War Dept. and found Secretary Cameron. The secretary was about to leave his office. Governor Ramsey told him, his business was simple, as Governor of Minnesota, to tender 1,000 men to defend the Government. "Sit Down" said the secretary. " and write this tender you have made, as I am now on my way to the Presidents Mansion."
Governor Ramsey wrote in part,"As executive of the State of Minnesota, I hereby tender to the government of the Unite States, on the part of the state, 1,000 men to be ready for service as soon as the necessary information can be communicated to the people there."

This was done quickly, thus the earliest tender of troops came from the State of Minnesota. It was accepted early that morning by President Lincoln, and the next day, the Presidents call for troops was published across the land.

Thus, The First Minnesota Regiment Volunteer Infantry was the first regiment tendered to President Lincoln at the outbreak of the Great Rebellion.

Governor Ramsey telegraphed Lient. Governor Donnelly, advising him of the offer of the 1,000 tendered men and of their acceptance.

Word reaches St. Paul and that evening there is a meeting of the Pioneer Guards of that city at the armory. Several members signed to enlist.

Josias R. King claims the honnor of being the Senior Volenteer in the United States Service in the Civil War. It was said that he was the first to sign on that evening and be mustered into a company to serve. This company was also the fisrt to be excepted into the 1st regiment.

It should be noted that Arron Greenwald of Anoka is known as the first man to sign his name on a list of names that had volunteered to fight for the cause earlier than Josias had been mustered in, but it was Josias King that history gives the first honor to, as he was the first to be mustered into service making it an official act.

President Lincoln called to the states for 75,000 militia for 90 days to suppress this aggression of the rebellious states. It was published and telegraphed across the land.

Lient. Gov. Donnelly issued the call for a regiment with ten companies out to the counties to raise a company of  100 men for the regiment and have them report at St. Paul to the Adjutant General.

A meeting was said to have been held in Red Wing in William Colvill's Biography of June 22nd, 1904. This may have been to decide what action the county should take and then organize for the war meeting that was to be on Friday evening of the 19th at the Court House in Red Wing.

At the time the Civil War broke out, there were only about 16,000 soldiers in the Army of the United States. Most of them were stationed at remote frontier posts.
The Confederate President Jefferson Davis considered Fort Sumter to be Confederate property since it was surrounded by Confederate soil and waters. He ordered the Confederate artillery to open fire on the Fort that was in Charlston Harbor, on a small island off  South Carolina.
It seemed that every issue of the Goodhue  Co. Republican had some bad news of our countries fate. The words Rebellion and Rebellious seemed to show up more and more with each passing issue.
Abraham Lincoln
Jefferson Davis
Gov. Alexander Ramsey
Red Wing
The Pioneer Guards
The Fairbault  Vols.
The St. Paul Vols.
The Lincoln Guards
The Goodhue Vols.
The Stillwater Guards
The Dakota Vols.
The Wabasha Vols.
The Winona Vols.
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Wednesday, April 17th
The Great Meeting at the Courthouse at 7:00 pm,
Friday at the 19th Inst. in Red Wing
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