Bits & Pieces of Misc. Info. A Bit of Trivia
Just for Fun

Write your answers down on a sheet of paper. When you get to the end of this page, all the answers will be there.

01There were how many Confederate States?
02Lincoln was the President for the North. Who was the President of the South?
03Who fired on Fort Sumter? Confederates or  Federals?
04The 1st Battle of Bull Run, also called Manasses, was which? A Union or Confederate Victory?
05Texas was the largest Union State. True or false?
06Fort Snelling is in what state?
07Gettysburg was a one, two, or three day battle?
08More soldiers died in battle or from disease?
09The bloodiest battle of the war was?
10 The Army of Northern Virginia was a Confederate or Union Army?
11Who Comaded the Army of Northern Virginia?
12At the begining of the Civil War, was Minnesota a Territory or a State?
13On the surender of Fort Sumter, what Minnesota Covernor was in Washington?
14Col. Colvill commanded what Minnesota Infantry Regiment 2nd, 4th, 8th, 15th 64th or none of
   these regiments listed.
15Who was the first person said to have signed up in Goodhue County to sign up during the Civil War.
16On the 19th of April there was a war meeting in Red Wing. Men came from all over the county to
   meet at what building?
17When the 3rd Minnesota Regiment was being formed, how many companies did Goodhue County
  send to be part of the regiment? 1, 2, 3, 4, or none?
18General Grant commanded a Confederate or Union Army?
19What town in Goodhue County was the County Seat at the time of the Civil War?
20The Civil War ended in what year?
01Eleven There are 13 stars on the flag anticipating two other states would leave the union.
    They did not, but had southern followers.
02Jefferson Davis
04Confederate Victory
05False, it was the largest Confederate State
07Three day Battle
08Disease killed more men than the battles did. Almost two to one.
09Gettysburg, about 52,000 casualties  in three days
10Confederate Army
11Commanded  by General Robert E. Lee
13Governor Ramsey
14None! The 1st Minnesota Volunteer Infantry, There were 11 Infantry regiments in Minnesota.
15Wiliam Colvill
16The Goodue County Courthouse
17Two compaies were raised in Goodhue County for the 3rd Reginent.
19Red Wing

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