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Just a Little History
Through the Civil War Era
The original plat of Zumbrota was filed in 1856
As settlers were making there way west, Minnesota was now on the edge of the frontier.

C.W. Smith built a cabin as well as other setlers.  It was said that there were but four buildings in Zumbrota. Ezra Wilder's Hotel thatwas part of his dwelling and three houses of which one was a lob cabin.  C.W. Smiths Cabin became the first hotel.

Ezra Wilder built an addition to his dwelling of twenty feet by sixty feet. That enlarge the hotel to 31 sleeping rooms.

The first store was built & Thomas P. Kellet conducted selling groceries & drygoods.

The First Congregational Church was founded, organized in 1856.

A post office was established and Thomas P. Kellett.  Mail was mailed and picked up in Red Wing  before this date. After the post office was established the mail was serviced through the stage.

Another source states, Church was organized by Pastor Davis Andrew. 

Miss. Lizzie Shedd taught in the 1st school which was held on the second floor above the store of Thomas P. Kellet. Meeting & chuch was held there also.

The 1st marriage was in May.

The first death was John Cameron in December

The country had fell into a recession in the late 1850's. It was said that in Zumbrota it was known as the Johnny Cake year as corn meal was about all one had other than wild animals that were hunted.

The first town meeting & elections were conducted on on July 5th, 1858

Minnesota becomes the 32nd State in May of 1858

Zumbrota Farmers were selling their wheat for 59cents a bushel but had to haul it to Red Wing in their wagons.  Sleeping under a wagon was a common occurrence to keep costs down while away from home.

The population in 1860 was 228 Citizens.

The Civil War Years

It was said that on the out break of the Great Rebellion, the population of Zumbrota was at 206 citizens. It was said that there were right at 65 dwellings and 57 families living there.  It was said that there were numbers of 48 men that had enlisted as listing Zumbrota as their  home. This then eqauls 1/4 of Zumbrota's population giving way  to what could be called, patriotic numbers.

A Call To Arms is sent out through Goodhue County to raise a company of men in Red Wing and through out the Civil War, Zumbrota men will answer the Call.  The Boys from Zumbrota  met the call for that call as well as others.

The First Congregational Church was built. Another source state the Congregational Society built a church in 1861. This could be the same chuch.

As the Third Minnesota Regiment is being formed, The ladies of Zumbrota gather bedding and clothing to the amount of One Hundred Dallors to donate to the Regiment.

There ia a large war meeting on a Tuesday night in Zumbrota. Fifteen men inlist for the cause and $678.00 are raised as a volunteer aid fund.

During the Dakota Conflict, after the Indian attack on New Ulm in August, Companies of Civilian Soldiers were formed to protect the towns across the lands of Minnesota.  On August 24,1862 a company of this type was organized in Goodhue County. The Goodhue County Rangers There were 36 men in this company. It was to act as a Home Guard for the area and served until September 22, 1862. It served as the southern defense of the frontier. Some of these companies saw action in the Indain War of 1862 and did have casualties. One other company in Red Wing was The Red Wing Cavalry and in Hasting was The Hasting Rangers.

Widows of the men killed by the Indian Attacks are voted an allowance of four dallors a week for a period of one year.

A Public school was erected.

Ezra Wilder sold his hotel to G.R. Gossen

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The following is a time line that starts with the first settlement and runs through the Civil War years.  Certainly there is more than is mentioned here. The purpose of this is to give a person a view of what life was like in the years preceding and during the Civil War and to learn a bit about the people in the area.
All of this information is from documented accounts.  Sources and credits are found on my Source page.
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What could you get for your money in Zumbrota in those days?

One  Dozen Eggs- 7 Cents, One Dozen Candles- 15 cents, Edds Shirt- 75 cents, Towels- 10 cents, Drawers- 75 cents, Slippers- 50 cents, Dressing Gowns- $1.47, Pillow Cases 12 1/2 cents, Shoes $2.50, Socks- 20 cents and Postage was 10 cents a letter.
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This photograph of Zumbrota in 1866 reflects the growth of the town during the Civil War era. The larger bulding in the center was the school. The white house to the lower right still stands today as well as the Church to the far right of the photograph. The photograph also reflects the grand prairie land of the area.









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Zumbrota was represented in both the eastern & western theaters of the Civil Wa. In the eastern with The Goodhue Volunteers, Co. F of the 1st Regiment. The 1st Regiment was the only Minnesota regiment to fight in the eastern theater of the war in the Army of the Potomac, In the western theater where most of Minnesota's men were, There were men in the Indian uprising  with such regiments as the Third Minnesota as well as others.